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What Services do we provide?

Here at PromoteCore, we love working with Coaches in creating, optimizing and scaling their FacebookTM campaigns, audiences, and sales funnels. Our team consists of the best in the world when it comes to FacebookTM Advertising, landing page optimization, and re-targeting strategies ensuring that every penny you put towards advertising is used to effectively and efficiently to scale your dream business.

Coach Consultation

Are you a coach looking to transform peoples’ lives? We can help. We manage campaigns for some of the top coaches within the Digital Marketing, Health and mindset space and have helped them and others scale from 5-6/7 figures per month. Our system can help any coach with the drive and resources to scale their business beyond their wildest dreams.

Campaign Management

Want someone else to manage your Facebook™ campaigns? We managed over $300,000 in ad spend each month working with our clients allowing them to focus on their strengths and grow their business to new heights knowing their lead generation and sales are being managed by the best.

Funnel Development

Have a Facebook™ specialist onsite but need a new funnel built out? No problem. We can build you a top class funnel and test it against our benchmarks until its converting at a rate which we’re happy with.

Landing Page

Have an internal marketing team that need training in the latest FacebookTM advertising practices or just need a pro to come in and sort out your funnel? This service is perfect for you and is tailored to your exact needs.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation can be difficult for every service-based business, we know, it’s what we do! Through our own experience running our won funnels and that of our lead gen clients (accountants, realtors, and gyms) we’ve got FacebookTM lead generation cracked.

Our Service Offerings



Kickstarter is for those that are just getting off the ground and needing help with mapping out their funnel and the assets they need, but don’t have the budget for a professional to build the entire funnel for them.


Review of Current Funnel
Sales/Lead Gen Blueprint
Funnel Lead Magnets
Self-liquidating Tripwires
One-on-one 2-4 hr Webinar


$800/Hr CAD

Need to bring in a pro to consult your marketing team and dissect your strategy? Whether it’s just to sit down and optimise your current Facebook™ ad campaigns or help you conduct and understand your customer value journey we can help you remove the bottleneck stopping your business from scaling.

Optimize Campaign
Optimize Landing Page
Customer Value Journey

Campaign Management


Our campaign management fee scales dependant on your ad spend as higher budgets require more analysis and optimization. Please get in touch for a personal quote.

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Funnel Development


Our funnel development prices range greatly and are evaluated on a case by case basis. Please get in touch for a personal quote.

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