Social Media Measurement Types

Written by Jean Fourie on Feb 27, 2018

Do you want to measure the impact of your social media marketing efforts? Wondering which social media metrics you should focus on?

If you’re using social media, you should be measuring it. Analyzing the raw data helps you determine which tactics are working and which are not.

There are two ways to measure the effectiveness of your social media accounts, which are as follows:

  1. Ongoing Analytics which tracks activity over time
  2. Campaign-Focused Metrics where you measure a campaign or event with a clear beginning and end

Ongoing analytics are necessary for keeping up with the overall effectiveness of your brand and company. Once this has been set up, you can just let it run and check in on a monthly basis.

Campaign-focused metrics help you understand the impact of a specific campaign or event which includes targeted marketing initiatives that vary from campaign to campaign, depending on your goals.