Are you confused about Social Media Marketing?

Are you confused about Social Media Marketing?

Written by Jean Fourie on Jan 21, 2018

Marketing as a whole is divided into two strategies; namely, traditional marketing and digital marketing. Social media marketing (which is part of the digital marketing) is an integral part of your marketing strategy that is inexpensive, easy to track and can be automated to an extent.

Below are some tips to improve your social media marketing in your business:

# 1 Post Consistently

Each social media platform works at a different pace, therefore, you should plan your content release according to each platform’s pace. We find it easiest to make a plan and posting schedule that highlights how often to publish and what type of content to publish.

  • Twitter’s post schedule is outlined as 2-4 posts per day.
  • Facebook’s post scheduled is outlined as at least daily posts.
  • Instagram’s post schedule is outlined as 3-5 posts per week.

# 2 Customize Content

Each channel is known for certain types of content and audience characteristics, so play to these strengths. Post more video content to Facebook and Instagram, and most more written content to Twitter.

# 3 Be Relevant

You want to publish content consistently, but it also has to be valuable to your audience. Therefore, you need content that is relevant or helpful to your audience.

# 4 Post More Images and Videos

Image or video-based content does better than static written text. These formats of content are engaging and draws the audience in. Infographics are a good way if images or videos are not within your wheelhouse.

Speaking of Infographics, be sure to grab a copy of our summarized Infographic of this post for your future reference. The image can be found below this post.

# 5 Measure and Analyze Posts

Measuring your efforts and analyzing your results is key to mastering social media marketing. You need to track their social media ROI, knowing what content works and what doesn’t get traction. You should track your metrics on a weekly, monthly, quarterly basis to know when and if you need to make changes to your Social Media Strategy.

Infographic Download: